Eco-Friendly Decor Guide — How To Green Any Decor Style

Larissa Swayze
6 min readJul 4, 2021

Think eco-friendly decor only works in boho, rustic or minimalist rooms? Think again!

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Sure, decor styles that lean on natural materials like bohemian, vintage finds like rustic and “less is more” styles like minimalism are easy to create using sustainable furniture and decor.

Meanwhile, other home decor styles like glam, industrial and maximalism don’t seem to jive with sustainability at all.

And yet…

Truthfully, all home decor styles can be made more eco-conscious by following a few simple guidelines.

If you just can’t picture a green glam or eco-industrial space, or what sustainable maximalism would look like — read on!

Below you’ll find tips on making any decor style more green. Plus items for three eco-conscious spaces inspired by the modern glam, industrial and maximalist styles.

Hopefully you’ll be surprised and inspired at the same time!

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Common Eco-Friendly Decor Styles

I won’t lie. These boho, rustic and minimalist spaces are right up my home decor alley.

But what if they’re not up yours? Or maybe you like them, but you just want something a little… different?

Like a green glam, eco-maximalist or sustainable industrial space!

Image Credits (left to right): Dashin’ Darlin, Liz Marie and Pinterest.

Eco-Friendly Decor Tip: Shop Handmade

While I adore handmade furniture and decor, I realize it isn’t for everybody. Especially if you associate “handmade” with decor styles like farmhouse or boho.

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